How to choose colleges and courses?

choose colleges and courses

After the 12th result, students became more uncomfortable about the fact that what to do next? How to choose colleges and courses? The student should think about every stream. Target a clear vision and some of these improvements, which courses should be selected. which are guaranteed jobs after graduation. Some friends will say something and then parents will give feedback. But you have to study, so decide yourself now balls are in your court. Enjoy yourself, test and step through firmly.

Today all large and small, government and private institutions have various courses. But after 12th, a special course depends on the interest and options of a student. If you are artistic or creative, then you can choose such courses, advertising, design, and fashion. However, think of analytically, areas of engineering or technology. There are many special courses, which can fly high after the career.

So when students enroll in a particular curriculum or program, one thing always to remember that the objective or purpose of the program is to choose? Still, the illusion remains, then test your outline. This will know your strength and you will be able to choose the course. While selecting an important course you need to take care of these little things.

 Choose preferred course

Students should always give preference to courses before finalizing the college, If a student takes no interest in the subject is selected, its performance is affected. Not only will the good grades, but the career options also be limited. So choose your favorite subject in view of the course. Avoid imitate others, the goal of every student, talent, value, and interest is different. Not necessarily computer science, economics as subjects should have opted. Arts, Fine Arts, Designing, Web Development Courses such as even better.

Make Self-Assessment

Students select any course before it should assess how they have fun at work. You create a list of career options which can prove themselves. If you are facing a problem, then consults a teacher, counselor.

On-line career assessment test or personality test can give better self-assessment

Explore All Options

Renowned career counselor Praveen Malhotra says that now it is not when students of science stream option only if medical or engineering. Rather than you can prepare for competitive exams or direct professional courses, your passion may be in biotechnology, bioengineering, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, medical transcription courses. Similarly, you can become a part in Arts course in hotel management to business or retail, hospitality, tourism industry. 

People who are creative they can choose fashion designing, merchandising, styling can course. You can talk to field Experts or professionals. You can ask for jobs, Employment Outlook, Promotion opportunities.

College Selection

Students also consider enrolling in a college or institute, they must first find out that the institution is recognized by the appropriate regulatory authority or not. Technical institutes like the All India Council of Technical Education have to seek accreditation. Similarly UGC, MCI, etc. are also regulatory bodies. If you are going to enroll in a private college, so take special care of these points:?

  1. Quality of Faculty
  2. Faculty
  3. Research professor, lecturer and assistant professor ratio
  4. Curriculum and Diversity
  5. Placement

Quality of Faculty

The idea of ​​the quality of college education can be gauged from the faculty. If you want to Computer Science course, it is important to see that so many qualified faculties in the Institute are the MCA or MTech holders? This information will be on the website instead of talking to college students visiting or there may be achieved. Such as faculty or guest faculty as the regular employees are working.


Students and parents to pull their side of Colleges, quite attractive brochures are created. Among the library, lab, Sports Facilities, classrooms are large claims about. But after repeated admission of the truth is known and is too late by then. Before the admission of all conduct a thorough investigation about it.  just do not visit the brand.

Connecting Industry

These days often hear the complaint that the college does not have success in the interview. The demand of the industry, the students did not deliver. Before choosing any college so that they know that the tie-up with the industry or not? Most institutes or colleges today in connection with the Institution-industry do not have any mechanism, given the needs of the market and the industry as a corporate mentorship program should be. However, companies through internship programs give students practical training. But this work must begin from college, like IIMs, IITs or other large institutions are.


Usually, behind any professional course students have to achieve the objective of the placement to the right place. The college placement cell of claim, but the IITs, IIMs and a few large institutions, such as the placement of the record is not good except the most. Therefore, before choosing the course and college students know that the track record of what course is best. Which companies have participated in the placement, the information must have.

Career Plans

If you do not like the college or course, should not be so upset. Competition has increased everywhere today. There are limited seats in professional courses, the number of students. Of course, all of you have the talent or ability, merit, but it is possible that the preferred course or enroll in college. 

It requires that an alternate action plan is prepared. Options for career counselors, teachers, parents, seniors and can help anyone. You want to go into journalism, but not found admission in IIMC, there are other institutions, and from that, you can enter in this field.

Must know natural talent

Students are required to identify their abilities. The talent identification should be in school. If desired, attend courses or counseling through the natural talent of children should be promoted. 

How to Choose?

Engineering Branch?

Doesn’t matter how good marks obtained in the 12th, but could not be admitted into the IITs or NITs, then it becomes difficult to choose the right engineering college in the market came the day the new private engineering colleges are opened. 

So it is important that you first prepare yourselves for counseling. Decide according to Rank, the priorities. IIT students in various branches of engineering information during counseling are given. It depends on the students that his aptitude and industry demand opportunities.

  • Choose stream
  • Check the claim
  • Institute / Faculty Quality

The admission courses run or recognized by the relevant regulatory body or not? If approved, then its duration is how Long? About visiting the site of the regulatory body can do.

Check Institution and the department’s website, if there is no information is given on the spot, so do not take the risk of admission.

Check the level of the faculty? The number of full-time faculty members locates. Student-faculty ratios must also get the information. See also how the faculty is updated and the industry is how much interaction?

Faculty should qualification. How many M.Tech or Ph.D.? He/She has a Ph.D. from where; it would be nice to know. Most of the faculty members in good institutions are Ph.D. holders.

Check B.Tech qualification of the faculty in a college or MCA is not much, so there would not be right to go. The most private institute’s students are given the responsibility of teaching. Make sure to know about it.

How many college students go for higher technical studies? it also informed.

Each department should focus on research output and industry interaction.

How to choose management course?

Each student wants a good salary, good pay package after studies. After the management course appears to pursue her/his own dreams. But it is important that you have an interest in subjects like Math’s, Commerce & economics. 

Then select the college because of a management institute. Many more colleges are available. Therefore, before any admission tests his credibility, he is recognized by AICTE or UGC or not. First-hand information about the faculties & students.

 He also offers internships and placement information. Do not just blindly rely on the college website.

Designed with commitment

The matter is the first commitment for any organization. That is the highest value. The dedication and passion of the students have completed education or higher education both in the job. 

Ready for placement

Special attention is given to placement at IIT. Students should train according to academics & industry. Developing their soft skills.              

Business Schools has to change

Business Schools and strong in front of the industry, according to upgrade their curriculum is a major challenge. These schools live projects, case studies, research, industry interaction, the use of the latest technology will focus on such Areas. 

Corporate tie-ups and skill development courses are designed so that the increased interaction with industry. Moreover, to match the global and domestic Standards, the international collaboration with universities and associations are run and faculty exchange programs like.

Selection Procedure

Usually, 12 students have three options Science, Commerce or Arts, which will select the stream, it would decide his further career. Accordingly, medical, engineering, computer science, CA, CS, MBA, hotel management, fashion designing, etc. When preparing admission to courses. It is important that they tell and explain on what basis the selection of a particular course or college.

Recognize the Passion

What is your passion? What would you like to read? What subjects interested in? These all focus on the same career choice. The passion for judging the right time is 10th 12th. Go ahead with Timely decisions, strategy, planning, then there will not be a lack of options.

To overcome confusion

Do not to take any decision in a career at the last moment. This increases the likelihood of errors. If confusion, stay in touch with your teachers, parents or guidance from senior. 

Do not copy your friends

Interest and potential of every student are different. Math’s anyone can feel better, you enjoy painting or a dancer wants to be. But if others are doing it is not important, you do the same. Do not waste time in preparing to forcibly engineering or medical.

Learn With Fun

To be successful in life needs to be updated. Therefore, where possible to learn?

Meet experts in different fields. Read Newspaper, magazines, it would be easy to make a balanced opinion.

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