How to Make Corruption Free India

    Corruption Free India
    Corruption Free India

    Today, we are touted as the largest democracy in the world but still, not an unwavering one. It’s not because we are running short of natural resources, manpower, talent and infrastructure developments, but we still don’t have such an operating governance model where future can count on present, logic draws inspiration, integrity keeps the human momentum going, no hunger lingers on, zero tolerance to social evils and most importantly, loss to the Government exchequer is always zero.

    In a nutshell-

    Number of MPs

    In current scenario, parliament doesn’t validate the Indian constitution because few parliamentarians are illiterate and have criminal background. This is a big blow to our democracy. Number of MPs in the parliament should be equal to the total number of districts in the whole country so that we can have much wider spectrum of our parliament. I believe at least 10% seats in parliament should be for retired CEOs of private as well as Govt organizations and, for top notch bureaucrats.

    i-Voting System

    India is known as a sovereign state with all cutting edge technological developments but still we don’t have online voting (i-Voting) system here. There is still 50 %( approx) Indian public, being reported from metropolitan cities, which doesn’t cast its vote. Those times still have to be come where Gen-Y can use m-Voting to cast its vote. The intent of whole idea is to expedite the entire electoral process and reduce the expenses substantially. If these changes are introduced in the system, having elected the more exacting leaders, we may have a better and strong India.

    Set Anti-Corruption Bureau

    Corruption is not only the national issue but an international issue also. It can’t be thwarted by an individual but it’s the collective responsibility of all the citizens of any country. Government may alarm the UN to set up International Anti-Corruption Bureau (IACB) which will forfeit black money earned through unfair means like corruption, black money, hawala, human trafficking and smuggling etc. It may directly report to IMF. IMF may further pump this money to the embroiled world economy so that we might see a very stable and recession free global society.

    Pay Scale

    Government should be a good paymaster to all its employees so that they could run their families. Think how a bank clerk or railway TT can sustain his/her family in such a scorching inflation infused by infrastructure and rapid developments. Sometimes people are forced to take bribes in order to meet their family obligations. So, first diagnose and then cure people’s concern.

    Police Department

    Police department is just like a shelter to the public. It ensures law and order in a state. Lapse in law and order animates various social evils. I presume, it’s one of the most neglected department in the Indian history. Government may be more considerate to empower them. Sometimes their selection procedures raise people’s eyebrows and hence the need of their selection procedure to be revisited again.

    Indian Leadership Services (ILS)

    I believe leaders are always born not created but practice always brings perfection. It’s time for UPSC to introduce a new cadre in Civil Services and it may be Indian Leadership Services (ILS). The candidates got through ILS, will directly get the equivalent rank of cabinet minister. ILS may be considered once in 5 Years. Various provisions can be made on this depending upon the time.

    Hire legal advisors

    Government may have its own advisory council/board like different corporate companies have. It may comprise of the most powerful representatives from opposition parties, think tank, legal experts, economic advisors, management gurus as well as people, champions from both Government as well as Private sectors.

    If Government of a country is responsible, that country will automatically become responsible. When Obama visited India, he conditionally endorsed India’s permanent membership for UN counsel. He expects India to be a responsible nation for permanent member of UN. This is possible only when Government shed its ambivalence and vindictive attitude towards public by not misusing CVC, CEC, CAG, ED and CBI.

    All this will help us to create a Corruption Free India


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