The Sennheiser GSP 670: Sennheiser introduced its first wireless gaming headphone

sennheiser GSP 670
sennheiser GSP 670

Sennheiser is a German based Audio Electronics Company, it is in design and Development of a wide scope of high quality items including all kinds of earphones and accessories for personal, expert and business applications. Company was founded by Fritz Sennheiser in 1945.

Recently they launched The Sennheiser GSP 670:  during Computex 2019 event, Sennheiser gave hint to the media about its very first wireless gaming headphone, Sennheiser is also trying to enter in the top line, premium gaming market, The GSP 670 cost is approx. $393 roughly around Rs.27k and Pre-bookings has been started now.

Features of GSP 670

GSP 670: The earphone highlights low-latency technology for zero-delay which is absolutely necessary for gamers, this is a very comfortable headset with magnificent sound quality, at the same time you can connect this wireless headset to your mobile phones or tablets, easy to pick up calls as well

Its microphone has noise dropping feature along with flexible bookmark so that I can be adjusted very easily, by basically raising it you can mute the microphone. You can change ear pads and the mic is extendable. Earphone is also perfect with PS4 and Macs – for those who have the usefulness of additional Bluetooth

There is also a separate hold for Bluetooth pairing, its battery backup is 20 hours and over BT its 16 hours. Sennheiser claims that the GSP 670’s fast-charging battery can last up to two hours after a seven-minute charge. The headset has programmed shutdown to save power. GSP 670 wireless range is up to 10 meters They are confident that at the top of the line market, their current customers and gamers or streamers will go on to name other people and seeing their achievements in such an extravagant showcase.


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